Understanding Your Property is Part of the Drafting Quote

How can anyone provide you an accurate drafting quote without really understanding your property and your desires?  It would be nearly impossible.   If you visit the website of one of Queensland’s best residential drafting companies, Drafting Concepts, you will notice they ask if you want them to visit the site when they provide you the free drafting quote.

If you are a builder you probably will know if this is necessary or not.  You can look at the property and immediately know if it will require special considerations in the home plans.  You probably know the area and understand the local regulations and requirements.  You may be able to tell the person creating the building construction drawing all they need to know.

As a home buyer who is getting a drafting quote you might not understand these details.  You might be under the belief that your choice of property has no bearing on how the house drafting quote will be figured.  Consider the fact that a property with irregular land features may require slight changes in the building construction drawing and even the materials to compensate.  Depending on your location within the Brisbane or Sunshine Coast area you may have a variety of special rules and regulations concerning building your home.

Each of these minor differences can add to the complexity of the drawing and to the complexity of building your home.  It is important your drafting quote takes these items into consideration.  It is even more important the company you select for your drafting solutions is familiar with all of these details and does the drawings properly.  This is why Drafting Concepts always asks if a site visit is needed, and in many cases prefers to make a site visit to make sure there are no unanswered questions.

Increasing Home Buyer Comfort in the Building Process

One of the keys you should look for from a drafting company is their ability to answer questions in layman’s terms.  In other words, can they explain to you why there are putting certain features into a drawing and help you to understand?  The average home buyer sits down and looks at the building construction drawing and feels a little overwhelmed.  You understand the basics of the room layouts and sizes, but all of those other details leave you scratching your head.

The different symbols and markings all make perfect sense to your builder, but that does not ease your mind that the home is being built to your desires.  Daryl Wood of Drafting Concepts spent years working in the carpentry field and building supply business.  He learned how important it is for a home buyer to understand the details as well as the home builder.  Request a free drafting quote from Daryl and see how he works.

While the drawing still needs to meet the standards required by builders and regulations he can help you understand what you are looking at and put your mind to rest.  This is something you do not find in the drafting quote.  It is something you need to look for between the lines when you listen to how a company communicates and their desire to help.  This little bit of extra communication can make the difference between you staying excited about your new home or becoming nervous as you watch the wall go up.

The Drama Behind the Scenes of a Home Building Project

There is usually one more element the home buyer never notices during their home construction and is not mentioned in your drafting quote either.  It is the relationships the drafter has with local inspectors and the departments issuing building permits.  The relationships they have developed can play an important role in eliminating behind the scenes drama of delayed permits, changes required by inspectors, and other issues.  Make sure the drafting quote you accept is from a company with strong relationships, just like Drafting Concepts has worked to develop over the years.

How to Get Started With Your Free Drafting Quote:

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