Getting a Fast Drafting Services Quote for the Home Buyer

Are you the home buyer or the builder?  It is time to face a simple fact of human nature.  Once someone makes a decision to build a house they want to get thing moving fast.  They are excited to see the project underway.  They want to hold the plan in their hands and know it is really going to happen.  The starting point is getting a drafting quote fast so the actual building construction drawing can get under way.

When you need a drafting quote rapidly one of the most efficient companies in Queensland to contact is Drafting Concepts.  They consistently have quotes in the hands of builders and buyers within 2 days.  This is just the start of their fast service.

A Fast Drafting Quote and Drawing Preparation

Once you decide you are ready for them to get the drawings made you can expect to have them in your hands in about 10 days, sometimes even faster.  You go from thinking about getting started on your home building plans to having an actual building construction drawing in your hands in less than two weeks.  Then is when the real fun can begin.

You will probably want to take a moment and notice something interesting on your quote from Drafting Concepts, because you will not see it on everyone’s quotes.  They include up to 2 changes in the drawing as part of their quote.  They know either the builder or home owner is going to start looking through the plans and suddenly have an “Ah Ha” moment.  They will realize they forgot about adding in the extra closet in a hallway, or will notice the kitchen and dining room are separated by a wall and they had envisioned an open dining area but had never mentioned it.

Fast Changes Once the Job Is Underway

This is the next time speed becomes essential.  Drafting Concepts will make these adjustments to your plans with the same urgency they gave when they figure your initial house drafting quote.  They know your building project is on hold until the plans are exactly right.

As you talk to the team at the drafting company you might want to ask about how they deal with questions by the councilor’s office, inspectors, or during the process for getting your building permit.  You will discover when you partner with a quality company they stick with you through your project and do not abandon you.

You might even want to ask the people you are asking for a drafting quote how familiar they are with your area.  They should understand the specific requirements for Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Springwood, Forest Lake, Alexandra Hills, and all of the other surrounding communities in the area.  It is important they take into consideration statutes dealing with land use and environment in the area.

Cheap is Not Always Cheap

It is always interesting to watch people go through a stack of drafting quotes.  The first thing they always look at is the price.  The builder on the other hand looks at the details first and the price second.  Why would the builder do that?  The builder knows that accuracy and the right building construction drawing can save thousands of dollars and likewise the wrong plans can cause thousands of dollars in cost overruns.  He knows an extra $100 on a drafting quote is not important.  It is just a tiny fraction of what a single mistake will cost.

As the home buyer you need to take the same attitude.  Take the time to read the details.  Understand who your quote is coming from.  Compare your free drafting quote from Drafting Concepts with anyone else in the market.  You will discover their quote provides the highest value and the best experience.

How to Get Started With Your Free Drafting Quote:

Contact Us for your free drafting quote or call our office on 0403 829 376 to receive your free quote and consultation. We understand that your time is important, which is why our no-obligation free quotes have a 48 Hour Turn Around!