Drafting Solutions for Builders

Some of you builders may already have a full-time drafter on your staff, but the majority of you do not.  Getting a free drafting quote may not be as important to you as getting what you need.

What do you really need from the person creating your building construction drawing?  You are probably not worried about the lowest priced option.  You already know saving a few dollars on your drafting solutions might come back to haunt you half way through the project when you discover something is wrong.  What you are probably looking for is a reasonable price with state of the art quality.

There are probably a few other things you would really like to have from the person who will be creating the drawings you will work from.  One of them is an understanding of the Queensland area and the local laws, regulations, and conditions.  You do not want to walk in to apply for a building permit only to find out the plans did not take into consideration local regulations.  That is a disaster which wastes time and money.

Stick With An Established Drafting Team

You are probably very concerned the company you choose for drafting solutions will be around to answer questions throughout the entire project.  Sometimes there are those tiny little details you overlook at the start of a project which need minor adjustments or explanations later on.  If you are working with a company like Drafting Concepts out of Sunshine Coast it is comforting to know you can just pick up the phone and get an answer.

You are probably hoping to get a drafting quote from a company who will talk to your buyer and make sure everyone is in agreement about the project.  Sometimes you have become too close and involved in the discussions and may miss an important detail the buyer wants.  Having a fresh set of eyes and ears on the project and help reduce the mistakes and make the home buyer happier.

This means you want to work with professional firm who communicates effectively with buyers.  Drafting Concepts has an almost even split of business with buyers and builders so understands both of their needs and styles of communication very well.

Letting Your Drafting Solution Provider Overcome Buyer Concerns

One additional need may seem a little unusual to some builders.  You may want to remove yourself completely from this phase of the building project.  You might want to get the drafting quotes and help the buyer select the right company, but prefer the buyer deal directly with the drafting solutions provider.  This can help you stay out of the middle of working through minute details and focus on other projects until the building construction drawing is complete and ready for you to start the project.

Once all of these critical details are out of the way, then you might be worried about the price.  Drafting Concepts of Sunshine Coast can take care of all the other concerns and you can get a free drafting quote before you make a decision.

You will feel very comfortable talking to Daryl or his partner about your project.   With his experience in carpentry and the building supply industry he understands your needs from several different vantage points.  He has a deep understanding of the work you do on site to build a great home.  He is familiar with all of the required building materials and alternatives.  They understand it is not the price of the quote which is your biggest concern, but the fact of making sure the project goes as smoothly as possible from start to finish.  Just a few hours of costly delays for your construction team is far more costly than a couple dollars difference on drafting quote.   Visit with Daryl about your drafting quote and see the difference.