Are you a home buyer or a home builder?  You know having the right building construction drawing is critical to having the home built properly and reducing cost.  Small mistakes on a drawing can add up to big costs down the road, but why is getting a drafting quote so crucial before having the drawing made?

Getting house drafting quote from several drafting companies you feel are qualified allows you to compare their rates, and to start asking additional questions.  The quote normally includes all of the work and support you can expect from the drafting company as your project proceeds.

As an example, how excited would you be about a drafting quote which was to produce just the drawing and then all further support would be at an undisclosed consultation fee?  If you are a builder you know that could be recipe for disaster.  There will be questions and clarifications needed as the project gets underway.  There is always the possibility a specified type of material is not currently available and you will want to discuss alternatives.

You might even discover there is mistakes in the plans which need corrected and you want to make sure those are remedied without further costs to you or the home buyer.

Can Buyer Save Money By Getting Own Drafting Quote?

As a home buyer there are additional reasons to ask for a drafting service quote.  Many times the builder has a draftsman on his staff and would like them to make your drawings.  Sometimes this works out great and other times it becomes a more costly option for the buyer.  Having a quote from an independent drafting firm allows you to compare costs and services so you can choose what the best option for you is.

Make sure you take a few moments after receiving the quotes to compare them carefully and then call the companies with questions.  Ask company offering drafting solutions how they work with you to follow a project.  Ask if they take your particular piece of land and the surrounding terrain into account while making your building construction drawing.  There are many areas in the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast area which have special zoning laws, regulations, and environmental challenges which must be taken into account.

Look At Value Not Just Price in Your Drafting Solutions

As you look over the quotes do not look at the bottom line price until you have examined the differences in services.  While one quote may be hundreds of dollars higher it may include additional services which make it the highest value for the builder and the home buyer.

Does the quoted project allow for changes in the plans?  If so, how many changes are made at no additional cost?  How fast of turnaround time does the drafting company offer?  If you are on a tight deadline to get your construction project underway this could be one of the most important questions.  You can use the turnaround time of Drafting Concepts of Sunshine Coast and Brisbane as the gold standard in speed.  They finish projects within 10 days after you agree to the terms of their free drafting quote.

Other things you want to verify as you review the quotes is to make sure the drafting company has good working relationships with local authorities in permit offices, councilors offices, and the inspectors.  This helps to make sure all the paperwork and inspections go through smoothly instead of battling through red tape which is always costly and time consuming.

Relationships and Communication – The Key to Successful Construction

These relationships are important as the project proceeds, too.  Imagine if you or the builder is being quizzed by an inspector about the reasons for a design feature and you do not know the answer.  You want a drafting company who can quickly work with the inspector by phone or in person to solve the issue.  That is why we highly recommend you check your quotes to make sure your selection of drafting company is going to stand by you throughout the project, not just until you have the drawings in hand.

You should verify the person who will be producing your building construction drawing has plenty of experience in the field, not only as a draftsman, but also hands-on in the construction industry.  As an example, Daryl of Drafting Concepts has worked in carpentry, building supplies, and as a draftsman.  This wide range of experiences has taught him exactly what a builder needs and allows him to design plans which are easy for the builder to follow and economical for the home buyer.

How fast should you get your drafting quotes?  Depending on the drafting solutions company it can take from a couple of days to more than a week.  Drafting Concepts has always been one of the fastest to respond providing you with their quote within 2 business days and often faster.  This allows you to get busy with making a final decision quickly and getting your home plans in hand to start construction.

Important Points to Consider for Your Drafting Project

To recap a few important points in getting your drafting quotes for the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Queensland area:

  • Verify what services will be included with the building construction drawing.
  • Ask about relationships with local authorities.
  • Check on the experience of the drafting company.
  • Make sure you understand how fast you will get the drawings.
  • Determine how many changes are allowed in the plans.

By understanding those few points you can make a more informed choice of a company to provide your drafting solutions.  There is one other important item for both home buyers and builders.

Are you comfortable working with the company?  This is one of the real highlights of a person like Daryl Wood of Drafting Concepts.  He has worked with people in the industry and home owners for years in a variety of capacities and understands their needs, frustrations, and challenges.  He can communicate just as easily with a home buyer or the home builder.  This is one of the most important elements of starting a successful building project easy communication with high quality results.  Let Daryl figure a free drafting quote for you and see how they are unique.